Second smoke or Second hand?

Well, today I decided to go shopping for some clothes. Which can always be an up and down.

The up- Goodwill

The down- lot’s and lot’s of clothes that I like are supportive of using slave labor to get there job done.

‘why does this matter’? You might ask.

After all, it’s a thrift store, so technically my money isn’t go toward that company right?

Well, let me ask you a question.

Let’s say you and your family are out for dinner.  And you decide to sit outside. After all, it’s a beautiful day and why not enjoy it, right? Well as you and your family are enjoying your dinner, a couple decides to sit at the table next to you. They’re friendly, and having good conversation just as your family is, but the lady at this table decides to smoke a cigarette.

You seem a tad bit annoyed, seeing as how you do have small children around, but you figure one smoke isn’t going to kill them right?

As the night continues, the lady at the table next to you has not only had one smoke but is now on her sixth cigarette.

By now your little boy starts to cough slightly, and is beginning to complain that his throat is starting to itch. Aware of this, you think to yourself, ‘Surely if I ask this woman to stop smoking for curtsy of my son, she’ll respect my wishes.’

You kindly go over to the woman and gently proceed to tell her that the smoke from the cigarette she is inhaling is starting to bother your son, and then you continue to ask her if she wouldn’t mind kindly stepping back on the smoking until you and your family are done.

The answer that the woman gives is shocking and greatly offends you.

She responds with,’ well it’s not like he’s inhaling it himself lady. why don’t you and your family just hurry up with your meal and then you can leave quicker. I shouldn’t have to give up my right and stop enjoying my dinner and night out just because your son is sheltered and can’t handle a little bit of air.’

Appalled by this response, you quietly go over to your table and ask your husband if you and your family can leave within five minutes. By now your night is ruined and all you want to do is go home and wash the smoke smell out of your sons hair.

If you can picture this, and somewhat understand this scenario, then hopefully you can understand where I’m going with this.

Even though the child did not hold the cigarette himself, or even go to the store and purchase it, he was still affected from second hand smoke.

Just as that little boy was affected so we can be affected as well when it comes to second hand shopping.

The choices we make in the products we choose to support (labels) help tell a story. What that story is depends on you.

For example, the “employes” that work at the factories that run the Faded Glory, Forever 21 or work in the coco fields that Hershey get’s their coco from, arn’t thinking about the friend that’s going to give you the clothing that they’re working on, the deal that you’re going to be getting from Goodwill or the great bonfire experience that you’ll be receiving as you bite into your smore.

No, quite on the contrary.

They will more than likely be thinking of how they will not be done with work until their 16 hour shift is done.

They will be thinking of how each and every thread design that they make for the pattern that’s going to be used on the shirt that you will be wearing is causing continuous blisters and scaring on their hands and fingers.

They will thinking about how for some, if they do not meet their quota for the day, will be beaten, starved, sleep deprived and for some even raped.

That is what they will be thinking.

You see the “workers” don’t make the bar-code that hangs off of the shirt that you purchase, or the stands on the back of the wrapper that you eat the product of.

The “workers” in this situation are the bar-code.

Just as the little boy wasn’t the smoker, he was being affected by it just the same. And his family was as well with their evening going in a different direction than they had hope on.

To wrap things up though and end on a lighter note 🙂 I did end up finding some very cute clothes, after all I do have a passion for fashion and uniqueness, but the most rewarding aspect of my shopping experience wasn’t in the cute clothes that I found.

Nope, the most rewarding part to my time was knowing that when my card was being swiped for payment that I was standing up for bar-codes all around the world. And thus saying to those businesses through morals and integrity, that you may stand for yourself and what can better your business at any cost, but I will choose to stand for what will shape the lives that work under your business, no matter what the co$t.

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